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We are the solution to your influencer marketing problems, we help you get the most out of influencer marketing with our expertise and knowledge of the social media space. With our fully customisable campaigns you are able to have full control over all aspects of your influencer marketing strategy!


Our network of influencers have a combined following of over 50M followers on Tik Tok


Influencers from the Fitness, Lifestyle and Wellness niche


A network of 100+ hand picked influencers


US, UK and Australia based


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We are not just
any influencer marketing agency

We have a unique approach to TikTok influencer marketing.

By gathering the best influencers we know that can advertise products, we are able to tailor the campaign to your needs.

We then hand pick the best for your campaign based on your goals and target audience.

Why Us

We are the solution to your
influencer marketing problems.

Network of 100+ influencers

Our network has a reach of over 50 million followers.

You have full control

We will tailor the campaign to match your goals by hand picking the best influencers we see fit for your business.

Bigger social media presence

We have influencers in the fitness, wellness and lifestyle niches. This means that you have the choice who you want to put your product in front of.

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Our vision is to connect the influencers on TikTok to the brands as the rise and growth of social media will continue to be an outlet for marketing. We want to revolutionise the connection between the brand and influencer by making a seamless transition from ideas to authentic and relatable ads for your brand!






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Connecting fitness brands to their target audience
Connecting fitness brands to their target audience